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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

It's after 1 am

And I just got home.  I went in early this morning to work,  got off work early as a result,  went across town to get some medicine for a friend and myself,  came back across town to go to my appointment,  which went well,  went to YKWIA's,  visited awhile,  took some food to another friend,  took YKWIA to Kroger for Thanksgiving shopping,  helped him out away groceries,  and watched the last episode of 'Little Britain'  with him.  I'm pooped,  and sore -- especially my feet.  I took some ibuprofen just now,  and some tizanidine, along with my other nightly meds. Here's hoping that helps. Now I'm in my pyjamas and while I haven't put the sheets back on the bed,  I'm just going to sleep tonight with a blanket and sort about the bed linens later.  Good night.

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