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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Well, it took seven hours and $200

but I got the car back, and it's drivable. I went over to work and got a package from Amazon that included a closet purse organiser, came back, put them all on it (11 in all; I put two small ones on one loop), and since then I've worked on the house a little and listened to music/rested a lot. I spoke with YKWIA after sunset. But otherwise I've been home alone, which has been nice, although I haven't been particularly productive. Whenever I get to hurting a lot (and it's not as bad as it has been all week) I lie down for a bit. I've had the windows open; I just closed them. Now I'm making bread. I've watered all my plants. I leave to get A a little over an hour from now. What shall I do in the meantime?

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