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Thursday, October 13, 2016

So this morning

I woke up and was hurting, and really looking forward to a nice, hot shower. I, however, remembered that the water had been cold the night before, so I tested the water before getting into the shower, only to find it very cold, indeed. Somewhat grumpy, I left a polite message asking for them to look at the water heater again, as the water hadn't heated up at all. This was about 5:30 am, long before they came in. Then I went over and woke YKWIA up for an 8:30 appointment (it takes awhile to get him going, and we were still somewhat late). After that, I dropped him off at another one and went on to work. Our benefits fair was going on, so after I checked my e-mail to make sure there was nothing urgent, I went and did that. A couple of hours later he called, I went and got him and took him home, then came back and did my afternoon work. After work, I went and paid my rent and got some gas, as I was on my gas light. I called around today and tracked down a grocery that actually carries hazelnut oil (Fresh Market on Tates Creek Road in the Lansdowne Shopping Centre), and I took him to get it, then to Kroger for a few things, and then home. He fed me some soup and bread, which was marvelous. Now I'm home. I had thought to go shopping for a vacuum cleaner, as I have a little stick one that does nothing, really, on my carpet, but I'm tired, I feel grimy, and I'm ready to relax and call it a night. I talked for awhile with my landlady today when I paid my rent. I guess the apartment passed muster. Yay. She's very pleasant. I know I'm not always the best tenant, but I've been here for a long time, and while I don't always pay on time, I do pay every month, and the full fees on top of it. So whatever she may think privately, she still chats with me and seems keeps any negative thoughts to herself. And when they did the inspection, they did find a leak around the toilet upstairs that hadn't been reported, so I came out looking a little better. :) Fortunately, it didn't make it down to my apartment.

Okay, I think I'll move to the bedroom, take the phone with me to plug up, put Pandora on the TV back there, and chill for a little while, then take my meds and go to bed. Maybe I'll read a bit, too. I'm going to try to get up early to make up some time from today at work. Good night.

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