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Saturday, October 08, 2016

I'm an hour in

And the trash can is about three-quarters' full, the recycling bin is full, there's another bag of recyclables and trash in the living room, a bunch of plastic bags from Kroger, a paper copy box full of things to keep, a small pile of things to shred, and two boxes of things to give to others (one whole box of bottles and jars to go to YKWIA, a cookbook for him, and a few other things to go to Goodwill. So, I am making progress. I'm listening to Ed Sheeran's + and x albums, and right now is one of my favourite--a song that sounds upbeat but is actually quite sad--'Small Bump', about a father's visions of bonding with his unborn child, who miscarries. That's from +. Although I do like 'Sing' from x, my favourite is 'Afire Love', about his grandfather's Alzheimer's disease and growing up with someone fading from them day by day--I can relate, as my great-grandmother lived with the disease for over fifteen years. I also really love 'I See Fire'. Okay, I took about a ten minute break and had some cashews I found in a bag. Back to the grind.

Oh, one quick thing...I have no idea why, once I started using Bluetooth--on a tower speaker and my headphones--that the various music players I was using to play the music on my SD card alphabetised the songs, which I found annoying (I like them in track order, and some are musicals or concept albums, where it matters), and couldn't find a solution that was particularly good online, but I found a player called Stellio that doesn't do it, and you can CHOOSE to sort various ways, including alphabetising and track or folder order, or if you're playing music from different musicians, you can choose to do it by musical artist [you can also sort in reverse order for all of those]. It was $1.90 for the key to unlock the free version, and also has a built-in sleep timer, and unlike Equalizer+, which I liked, doesn't mess up the album cover art randomly on Marshmallow. It also plays the music without the pause between tracks that so many music players do. That's great, because some albums, such as Linkin Parks's A Thousand Suns, have music that purposefully blend into each other, and it's annoying to have a pause in between. I've only had it for a day or so, but I recommend it.

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