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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Two and almost one-half hours in...

I'm pooped. I took the trash and recyclables out, which had filled up the living room floor in bags. There were two of each, one each from the living room and kitchen. The actual trash can is almost full (I trimmed some dead leaves off the plants, too), but I didn't take it out yet because I want to add the trash from the bathroom. I went ahead and watered all the plants inside, too.

It's not quite great yet, but it's getting there. There is some stuff to do before I go to bed, although I doubt I'll get a lot more done:
  1. Move all dishes to the kitchen.
  2. Move food (from various grocery bags) into the kitchen.
  3. Put the clean plastics back in their old cabinet (I had aimed to put them under the microwave in that cabinet, but it needs to be cleaned out and I don't have the time right now).
  4. Cut up a pineapple and put it into a container for tomorrow.
  5. Put together the fixings for butternut squash pasta that I have for tomorrow. I'm going to treat YKWIA, since he's been sharing his food with me quite a bit.
  6. Clean the toilet. I got some new cleaner today at the store.
  7. Get all the trash out of the bathroom and into the kitchen trash can. I'll take that out tomorrow morning, or when I get A tonight.
  8. Gather up the dirty laundry to do tomorrow so I don't run around like a maniac in the morning.
  9. Move into the bedroom.
  10. Clean the bed off a bit.
  11. Open the bedroom window for a little while. I will get a call about 12:40 am from A asking for a ride from work, so it's not like, if I fall asleep, that I'll sleep with it open all night. I used to do that occasionally when I had a dog to alert me. Since I live alone and live on the ground floor, that's not such a good idea anymore. It's a nice neighbourhood, but you can never count on that.
  12. Listen to some music and relax.
Okay, I'm going to grab some cold water, hydrate, and start that list of tasks.

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