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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

So I'm back in physical therapy

and while Jeremy, my therapist, doesn't think I have a pinched nerve, my pulse goes away (this has a name I didn't catch) when my arm is brought up or back, on both sides, so there's compression near some of the muscles where my neck, shoulder, and chest meet. He did some deep tissue massage and showed me a couple of stretches that would help. I go back next week and I've also scheduled for the week after to coordinate with a friend I take to the same place. I'm feeling lots of tingling now.

Last night I lay down and was pretty much gone for the night. I'd almost gotten the kitchen straightened out, and I thought about maybe getting up early this morning (I was shooting for 4:30 am, since I'd gone to bed so early, but alas, that never seems to work out. Instead I got some much-needed rest. I'll try to wash the plastic dishes tonight and wipe down the counters, then take the trash out tomorrow when it's light outside. Oh, and the recyclables. I really should sweep and mop as well. But otherwise, the kitchen is looking much better.

Tomorrow, thankfully, there are no appointments (we had three between us today, although in two places). I'm going to over to YKWIA's for a little while, but tonight we're both tired, so I came on home. I really just feel like going on to bed, but it really is too early and I have stuff to do. I could try to go into the bedroom for maybe a half an hour, but we both know if I do that I'll probably just fall asleep. Still, it's very tempting....

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