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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Note to self

Normally I take the tizanidine (Zanalfex) right before I go to bed. Tonight, like last night, I was having spasms so bad that at one point this evening that I gasped out oud. So I went ahead and took the pills, along with Tylenol Arthritis and menthol muscle rub. It's barely touched it all day. So I took the medicine, which is a muscle relaxer, as soon as I got home fro the day.

That was two and a half hours ago. Apparently that is my 'normal' window. After that I begin to list to the side, nod off, and I can't type a sentence without a LOT of typos. Plus, words seem to be fleeing me. Time for bed, I think. I'm no good like this. Good night.

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