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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Time to go to bed

And work some more in the morning.  My plan is to get up at 5 in the hope that I'll definitely get up by 6 am.  I've put the bedclothes in a pile.  The bed is cleaned off.  I'll take out the trash and recyclables in the morning,  and try to straighten up a bit more.  But while there's definitely clutter,  the trash is gone. It amazes me how much I had to work on the bedroom just to separate the things to go and the things to keep (for now,  anyway). It's a start.  Considering I still had the boxes of Yule ornaments out under everything,  this has been about ten months in the making.  The library books are now together,  except one to go back,  which is next to the front door with my purse and keys.  I've done what I can,  for now. My neck is bothering me,  but I daren't take the muscle relaxer,  but I will take some ibuprofen.  And I need some water before I go to bed. Good night.

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