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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

I am reading a book on my Kindle that dovetails nicely

with the workbook I got for therapy, as two of the authors are the same. It's called Buried in Treasures, and a lot of the self-evaluation carries over to the workbook. This has good suggestions for going through and working on the house a little at a time. I brought a copy paper box home today, to go with one I had already, and I want to set up a staging area in the living room and have four containers: the trash can, the recyclables container, a box of things to keep, and a box of things to give away. At the end of each session, I'll put away the things to keep, and then just keep emptying the trash and recyclables as needed, leaving me with things to get rid of that are still useful (to someone else). I'm going to set a timer and try to increase my time of sorting each day. I'd like to read a little more of the book tonight, and start tomorrow, first taking out the trash and recyclables that are already in their containers. So I have a plan, of sorts. I need to do it without distractions, although my first thought was to listen to music to help me 'clean'. This is different than cleaning. This is sorting and making decisions on the way items should be discarded or kept. I'm hoping by the time I see my therapist that I've made a good start, between the assessment in chapter two of the workbook and the work on the house. If I can do a little every day, even if it's just a half hour or so, then I can do a lot. I've told my friend that I'll be weeding books soon, and he's got first dibs. After he's had a chance, I'll give them to the public library (since I can't get even a dollar a book from Half Price Books for brand new books, grrr.)

Today, before Costco, I went and dropped off a friend's bill and while I was there paid mine. Then I put a cheque he'd given me to reimburse me for some things into the bank. At Costco I tried to not impulse-buy, and got just a few things I knew I'd use, like orange juice, bagels, cheese (those Frigo Cheeseheads I take to the game are $9.99 for 60, as opposed to $6.89 for 16 at Kroger), and crackers. Oh, and I found some butternut squash pasta sauce that sounded good, and I have a lot of pasta right now. I can make that and take it to work for lunch.

Okay, I'm going to go do some reading, charge my phone, and listen to music. Good night, in case I don't write anymore tonight.

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