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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


The leak came from my water heater, which has now been replaced, my carpet has been cleaned in the hallway, and a large industrial-strength fan is drying it as we speak. Yay! I don't know why the water wasn't actually showing up in the closet that holds the unit, but hey. I Googled the life expectancy of a water heater, and it's 8-12 years. I'm in my thirteenth year here, and I've had one replaced before, but it's probably been about that. That one had a much bigger leak, which is part of what threw me off. But I couldn't figure out where else it could have come from, since the wet area was between my kitchen and bath. The closet with the heater is between those two rooms. I am glad I rent in this case, so it doesn't come out of my pocket. And I suppose the inspection went well.

I had a good deal of success in the cleaning. While the house wasn't spotless by any means, it was navigable. My bed is made. Anything that hasn't been put away is at the periphery of the rooms, stacked neatly, or on the couch or dining room table, and the latter are in boxes. However, I got three-and-a-half hours' sleep last night, and I'm really tired. I went to physical therapy after work and am very relaxed due to the manual therapy, and I think I'm going to lie down for a bit and rest, and then get up when it's time to take my meds and do that.

At least the apartment is now in a place that I can work on things a little at a time, starting with those closets, as my therapist suggested. But not tonight. Not at all. Heading to the bedroom for some quiet time. :)

PS I searched my blog for the last time the water heater went out, and it was actually ten years ago, September of 2006. So that wasn't too bad. And it didn't get quite so wet. The new one is a Whirlpool and looks all bright and shiny. :)

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