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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


asked me to come over for just a few minutes because he was having trouble getting the DVD player in the bedroom work through the VCR. It usually is never 'just 10 minutes', but I went on over about 7 or so, he showed me something interesting on the computer, I fixed the problem in the bedroom, and was probably out of there in 15 minutes, anyway. I think that's a world record. :) I stopped by Kroger and got some caffeinated soda and some Airwick plug-in air fresheners, plus some cash for tomorrow (I had to eat in the cafeteria on credit today because the ATM at my bank was out of cash, the other was down temporarily, and ours at work was acting up). So I'll need to pay for stuff tomorrow. I came on home a little after 8 pm, and was feeling a little overwhelmed by my bedroom. I didn't properly start working on it till about 9:30 pm. However, I have been working with nothing more than a pee break for about three and a half hours. I have excavated the floor; the clothes are in either hampers (the small one for the dirty, the large one for clean, or in the closet in a pile, but out of sight. I can close all the closet doors. I have filled up two bags of trash and about the same of recyclables, once I transfer the ones in the container to a bag. The bed is piled high, but almost everything is 1) Christmas boxes that originally should have been (but weren't) in the closet, handbags, and reusable tote bags. Oh, and the bedding to change everything into. So I still have some work to do. I haven't done anything to the dining room at all yet tonight. I am not particularly sleepy--apparently resting earlier gave me a bit of renewed charge. I'm not sure I'm going to get any real sleep tonight. I've been listening to Ed Sheeran on my Bluetooth headphones, which, nice to know, work even in the living room when my phone is charging on my bedside table. So I'm drinking a cool drink and sitting for just a few minutes. I don't want to lose momentum. I desperately need a shower--I may take one before going to bed, since the bedding will be clean and happy. I usually shower every morning, but since I took a late shower yesterday, I decided to risk it this morning and wait. Okay, back to working on the bedroom.

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