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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I feel energised

So far this morning I have woken, showered, gotten dressed and all that, and taken all the recyclables plus the trash out. I filled up almost two Rosie containers with recyclables (but had very little trash). I'm so glad my apartment started recycling. The weather's been so icky that I had not taken it out, and my two hampers were full and overflowing.

I'm going to work on the game notes for awhile and then Brandon is going to come over and take me to the grocery. I have a list (a little list...sorry, went into Gilbert & Sullivan) and it shouldn't take too long, which is good, as he's in the middle of a move. I appreciate the help. Schlepping with a granny cart is no fun in the Frankenboot. :)

I've noticed since I began the insulin that I'm not groggy in the morning like I have been. My blood sugar has been better as well, mostly in the 180-190 range. That's still high, but much better than, say, the 260s like some days before.

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