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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


That's how much my blood sugar was before dinner tonight. That's the lowest it's been in...years.

I went to the doctor today. Good news: My bone density scan came back completely normal. Bad news: My A1c from last time was 9.5, which is very bad. 7 or lower is considered controlled diabetes. But everything else came back fine, including my triglycerides and cholesterol. My blood pressure was something like 110 over 69. So I'm doing pretty well on that front.


He increased the Lantus a bit at night and put me on Apidra, a tiny amount before lunch and dinner. Apidra is another form of insulin, and like the Lantus, I have it in a pen that can be easily carried with me, and it uses the same needle tips as the other (they're made by the same company). I'm now to test my blood sugar four times a day, so I'll probably actually start using my fingers as well as my hand (I've never been able to get much blood from the arm). I'll go back in 3 weeks to see how it goes. But I took 5 units at lunch, and had a sensible meal (salad, milk, and small apple) and my blood sugar was only 131 five hours later. Yay! For dinner I took 3 units and had two cheese manicotti. I got home and ate a Luna bar. That's all I plan to eat today, except maybe a couple of crackers and peanut butter at night since I don't know how the increased Lantus will affect me. That's about 1200-1300 calories today. I've been averaging about 1600-1800. And I haven't really been hungry between meals. That's pretty good.

Now I just have to start exercising. Walking's out right now due to the boot and the almost constant snow, but the exercise bike probably wouldn't be too rough on my foot. I should probably get adjusted to the insulin first though and then talk to my doctor before changing my activity level much.

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