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Friday, July 08, 2005

Yay! My clothes feel better

The result of the first week on South Beach, even with a tiny bit of carbs here and there the first few days (I gradually went to no-carbs, rather than all at once, so I had a tortilla one day, an ice cream sandwich another, that sort of thing):

272.5 lbs, meaning I've lost nearly 8 pounds this week. Granted, it's probably water weight, and it might have something to do with where I was in my menstrual cycle, but it is encouraging.

Last night I had some time just to myself, so I did a typical girl thing...went to Kroger and got a temporary hair rinse to take care of my then-two-toned hair, found some sugar-free popsicles/fudgesicles/creamsickles that are okay on the diet, and signed up at the video counter and rented The Grudge and Hero. The first is set in Japan, the second in ancient China. Later I went over to a friend's to watch the anime 'S-cry-ed', so it was an Asian night all around.

Hero was, of course, visually stunning, but I find that the more they use the harnesses to get those impossible moves, the more I long for old-fashioned martial arts movies that focus on what is humanly possible. Also, in this movie it did not seem effortless; in many places it was obvious how the scene was shot. But overall, I enjoyed it.

The Grudge is based on a Japanese film and its creator was also involved in this one. It was suitably weird, I learnt a little Japanese (I'm glad that they presented the Americans as the outsiders, with subtitles for much of the Japanese being spoken to and around them. It makes ever so much more sense than to just have everyone speaking English), and the relentless curse of the house was suitably spooky. I liked the non-linear quality of the plot, too. It wasn't a masterpiece of horror by any means, but a spooky movie to watch in the dark.

Speaking of dark, my hair turned quite brunette with the rinse. Apparently I have very light brown hair (with bits of blonde and red) and the medium brown was too dark in terms of trying to get close to my natural colour. But it does look good, I've already received compliments...it's just that I don't recognise myself in the mirror, and I look even paler than normal, but not in a bad way...it actually makes me look a bit like Snow White...even my lips seem redder. It does make my eyes look even lighter and more green than brown.

I also took a nap and read some of the latest Amelia Peabody mystery. Overall it was a restful night. Cerys had stayed home that day since I was only gone for a few hours, and this morning she was excited to be heading off to doggie daycare; she actually trotted into the house and was all perky and full of life. :)

Well, that's an update, I suppose. I went ahead and applied for school and have worked out a schedule that I can do even if the other part-time job comes through. I'm going to drop off the application fee and transcript next week. So, this fall--assuming I can get the classes--I'll be doing a variety of computer classes including Visual Basic, Operating Systems, Electronic Hardware Maintenance, plus the Introductory Logic class I never got around to taking before. They run from 1700 to about 2120 at the latest. Wish me luck. That's a full schedule if I'm working full-time, but a decent one if I'm still part-time. We'll see.

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