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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I agree

Star-Telegram | 07/13/2005 | Karl Rove should be fired immediately

and an investigation should continue to see if a crime were committed through the 'outing' of an undercover CIA agent. If so, prosection should follow, not because Karl Rove is Bush's right-hand man, not because he was the architect for Bush's victory, but because he did something wrong that threatened sensitive investigations and the ability of our security forces to do their jobs...supposedly in retaliation for one man's refutation of the Bush party line.

I also find it amazing that one of the reporters in this, who is in jail for refusing to name her source, is being held for contempt when she...unlike another who is free...never printed the information she obtained. Whilst I admire her resolve, it's interesting how the case has played out. In a world where sources that once were sacred are now questioned because of a few bad apples who routinely falsified stories, journalism and its ethics have changed since the days I watched 'Lou Grant' voraciously. No story seems to lack underlying complexities today, and it's amazing how much the media can scrutinise a single blade of grass from every angle imaginable. But in the end, there is so much spin, I have to wonder, do we ever really get to know the truth?

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