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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Mission accomplished

I was able to get Spock's ashes yesterday, although for a moment there I thought they might have lost them. My thanks to my benefactress in paying the bill; I couldn't have done it any time soon without that help.

It's so strange to be given a small white box that hardly weighs anything and realise that a short time ago you had a big lunk of a cat who loved you so very much, and now you have this as a reminder, and there's a bit of his essence there, but otherwise the animal's spirit is somewhere else entirely. All I know is that I'll miss him terribly, but I have to smile when I think of him playing with the big tunnel of light (or whatever cats experience) on his way to a place without pain or suffering. And regardless of where we all go, he'll live in my memory for as long as I live. He was a very special companion, and my life was made richer by his presence. Goodbye, Spocker.

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