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Friday, July 15, 2005

Back to the drawing board

Well, I gained back 5 lbs of the weight I lost, probably due to water fluctuations to do with my hormones, although I've been holding steady at a net 3 lbs lost in two weeks, even though I did cheat a little every day. A friend asked me what it meant that I couldn't keep to a diet for a measly 2 weeks, and to think of how I would feel, the sense of accomplishment, if I did stick to it and used the willpower he's sure I have. So...we're doing a redo, this time sticking to it. Today I've had a V-8 and a little cheese for breakfast, followed by more cheese for a midmorning snack. I plan to have salad and deli day without the bread (i.e., tuna).

Wish me luck. This time I'm going to actually try...and do.

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