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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Anyone have room for this?

CKRE - Central Kentucky Radio Eye, a non-profit reading service which delivers news and other items appearing in print to those with low-vision, has been told by the University of Kentucky that they can no longer have space at the Margaret I. King Library. They have three months to find other quarters. They have enjoyed rent-free and utility-free space in MIK Library for 15 years, and cannot afford to rent another space. Current space is about 1600 square feet that the university needs for academics.

I'm assuming that hosting CKRE would allow a company to write off certain expenses for tax purposes. So, if you have space, and want to help the community, this is an excellent opportunity. The CKRE has plans for going statewide with the installation of new equipment they have recently acquired. Can you help make this possible?

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