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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Well, my word is pretty much worthless

I said I was going to stick by the diet, and I did for eight days. Today I basically did my revisionist thinking, and forgetting that I'd said I'd do it for two weeks, decided to go to phase 2 without going the full two weeks.

I was thinking that I had mostly stayed on the diet for two weeks, and strictly for another, hadn't had bread, for example, for three weeks. But I wasn't sticking to my professed goal, was I? This is a perfect illustration of how I go back and revise things in my head, conveniently 'forget' what I say, then not live up to it.

On the good side, I've lost nearly 12 lbs total since I started trying to do it, so even if I'm a failure, I'm at least a lighter one. :)

Still, there's a lot I want out of life that isn't going to happen until I can demonstrate some will, backbone, and ability to keep to what I say I will.

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