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Monday, December 27, 2004

Post-holiday happiness

Listening to: Tóg é Go Bog é by Kíla
Feeling: Happy and relaxed

I had a good holiday overall. Christmas Eve something happened that I won't go into but involved frazzled nerves, a deadline imposed by stores closing, and a general crankiness that comes of feeling unwell. The stresses of the day finally boiled over with each of us contributing to the fray, so in the end I spent Christmas Eve alone rather than having friends over, with little Christmas spirit left. But it got better after I watched some holiday television and had a nice quiet evening with the tree sparkling. But the weekend has given us a chance to work through things to some degree, and we hope to try again on New Year's Eve.

At home, it was a somewhat subdued Christmas, as there were no little kids home for the holidays and no one was financially able to go overboard in presents. But we decided that it was nice that we were all sitting around the dinner table, together, and alive. This year my stepfather had a heart attack, my stepbrother nearly died in a wreck, my grandmother is doing well but is diabetic and in her eighties, and well, you never know about the rest of us. My stepbrother is home, walking with a cane, and has to have surgery this week. Apparently he has a bone spur in his neck that--when he went through the windshield--caused the break in his neck. They say that the bone spur is situated close to his spinal cord and that just sneezing really hard to cause paralysis, so obviously, they heed to stabilise it. I just hope everything will go alright. The drive down was beautiful, as the trees still had ice on them glittering like diamonds (but the roads were clear). We were lucky...about 50-100 miles away they had feet of snow where we had a dusting and a tiny bit of ice that paled in comparison to the ice storms of recent years.

Every year it seems like we have this huge orgasmic experience--no matter how we try not to get sucked into it--called the holidays that leaves us all tired and sometimes sated. I got some rest over my four-day weekend, too, so I'm feeling pretty good. But I'm glad it's over, and I'm looking forward to the new year.

Hope you had a good holiday as well. Happy new-year-to-come.

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