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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

An oddly nice day

Feeling: Expectant
Listening to: 'She' by Live; 'The Trip to Sligo' by The Chieftains; 'Subdivisions' by Rush; 'I Feel Love' by Depeche Mode;

I started out my day with a positive experience. I went out back with Cerys and discovered a large (as in, probably male, four foot) blue heron standing in the woods. It blended in well, of course, but it happened to be in a small clearing with a bit of snow behind it, and its elliptical body suspended on nearly invisible legs caught my eye. I got the little mini-binoculars I'd found for just such an occasion and spent a few minutes bird watching.

When I went to leave for work, I discovered that my tyre was nearly flat. Now, I have one that pretty much waxes and wanes with the external air pressure; I'm used to that. This, however, is one of the front ones. I stopped to get some air but it didn't seem to be filling, so I took a chance and drove the short bit to work because, of course, I absolutely cannot be late for work. I was actually a bit early, but figured I might have to change the tyre (somewhat hard to do with one hand, but if it had come to that, I'm sure some of the maintenance guys would have helped, although I still owe them brownies for the last time....) Turns out, it did finally blow back up using my portable pump this afternoon, yay.

At lunch I went from having just a peanut butter sandwich to some free leftovers from the environmental services dinner, including some deviled eggs and some absolutely wonderful sweet potato casserole. Nummy.

I got my picture back from the company party, where we'd hidden my arm behind a wicker chair. It is one of the best ones I've ever taken...apparently being drugged up the day after surgery is good for relaxing portraits. I'll post it when I can...I don't have any webspace to host pictures right now and I've never gotten the whole Hello/Blogbot thing to work for me.

But best of all...absolutely just the best...D came in from her appointment. Not only did all the blood tests come back fine for baby, we now know it's a boy...with fairly big feet, so a potential basketball player like his dad. I'm sure E is thrilled. I still think she may have a girl in the future, though...enough of us seem to see her with a girl at some point. In the meantime, it's wonderful news. She went ahead and let me put a photocopy of the ultrasound on our baby bulletin board that I have in the library.

Yesterday I decided to brave the holiday decorating in the library, since I'd strung lights around the apartment already. I did need some help getting the tree out of the box, and I think I got the mylar strips I use for a tree skirt all over the place and occasionally bit of them that piggy-backed on me to other parts of the hospital.

Last night I dreamt that I was at the Unitarian-Universalist Church with my grandmother and VS from work (who knows why, except that we were talking about churches yesterday at lunch and that's the last one I attended) and my cast was miraculously off and the incision went up my arm a bit in this sort of meander. I suppose that was a bit of anxiety because...

Tomorrow I'm off from the day job because I get the cast off and the stitches out and I have some errands to do because it's payday at KET. Then, tomorrow is our last night at the phone bank. And then I'm going to make spanikopita and baklava for Thursday night's holiday get together with the girls from work.

Tonight is the second night of 'Legend of Earthsea' on Sci-fi. It's based off of a favourite set of books from my childhood. It has the guy who played Bobby/Iceman in X-Men as Ged, and the the girl who plays Lana on Smallville as Tenar. It's well done although they've mucked with the story a bit. Like letting girls study to be wizards. Okay, that's a big one. But I'm enjoying it, and it just makes me want to re-read the books (or in the case of Tehanu, the fourth-book, read it).

Well, I suppose that's all for now. It was a little wordy but I haven't been able to update much lately--when I have wanted to blog, Blogger has been tempermental. So there you have it, all at once. Take care.

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