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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A close call with quite a bit uncertainty

I can't believe I forgot to mention this before, although I guess I was doing the wait-and-see how things pan out, but on the same day of my surgery (last Thursday) my stepbrother, Robert, was in a car wreck. I'm not sure of the cause; he was on his way home and collided with a truck, and black ice may have been involved. He wasn't wearing a seatbelt, and went through the windshield. He could feel his feet but couldn't stand and got cut up on his face, may have dislocated a shoulder, has a compression fracture in his neck, and his spinal cord is swollen, so it's been a really scary time for him and for my stepfather and mom. He's been over at UK. I checked with my mom and she wrote today that Robert is going to Cardinal Hill today. He says he can feel his feet and it feels like they have thick pads on the bottom of them. He can't stand unassisted or walk yet. He can raise his left arm from the elbow up but has to wear a sling on it when he's up in a chair. His fingers on that hand areabout halfway curved toward the palm. He moves them some but doesn't have the finer movements yet. He is left-handed. He can not move his right arm but just an inch or so off the bed. It sounds like he came very close to being quadroplegic. Cardinal Hill is a rehab hospital here in Lexington. I really hope this improves, although it might be a long haul. It's really scary how things can change is a moment. Robert is about to turn 21 (I think, or it may be he is 21 and about to be 22). I don't know him that well but he's rather likeable; on the one hand he's the one of John's children I know because he lived with John and my mom during high school, but on the other hand we don't see each other that often and I think he's kind of shy. But he's a good kid, although somewhat plagued by youth. Having been an only girl, I just don't get typical teenage guys that well. Another of my mother's stepsons from a former marriage is paralysed and in a wheelchair. Timmy had a car accident when he was 18. He was always the kind of kid who was into bikes and hunting and that sort of thing, so we mainly bonded with video games. He must be about 32 now, because he was 5 years younger. Strange that both should be in wrecks with such scary consequences. Gods, I wish we could just issue do-overs for all the scrapes kids get into, you know?

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