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Thursday, December 30, 2004


Listening to: '45' by Shinedown (but really, I'm not depressed, I just like it)
Feeling: Reflective

Other thoughts for today:

  1. I really shouldn't make stupid lists because of course they never work out. But I got other things accomplished that were more important and helpful to others, so that's okay. I didn't get to sleep late or eat lunch with anyone, but that's not so bad, just a little disappointing. I'm going to push some things tomorrow, too, especially since the post is apparently running after all and I'm pretty sure the gym is open. I also got a free soft drink in the course of the day.
  2. I was re-reading something that I accidentally came across that someone I used to know wrote. A couple of the pieces were promising, although marred by self-inflated attempts to be a writer, as opposed to writing as an unconscious means of expression. It was better than the syrupy stuff people write in love letters or in high school, I suppose, and at I certainly encouraged the person to put feelings upon paper. But now, with all that's happened between us, and reading it with a fresh eye, all I can think of is how glad I am that this person is no longer in my life. How sad it is that none of us who were considered the truest friends are in this person's life, because in the end what was wanted was not truth or love, but something to be controlled and railed against. After awhile even I, who hung on the longest, either out of concern or lack of spine--I'm still not sure--came to see that the person was not worth the effort at friendship and was liable to turn in the most vitriolic fashion upon us without warning. Sad. But thankfully, some other unsuspecting person's problem, no doubt, these days.
  3. I'm at the public library, and there is a man in the library rocking back and forth whilst standing, much like a Chasidic Jew reading the Kaddish. I suspect he learns best by rocking; some people do, especially with some forms of ADD. It was just slightly disconcerting. Ah, well.

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