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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Living in Central Kentucky?

Blood Center Issues Emergency Appeal For Blood; Less Than One Day's Supply Of Some Types Available

December 28, 2004, Lexington, Ky.- Central Kentucky Blood Center today issued a rare emergency appeal for blood donors, its first since May 2004. The emergency appeal was ordered because CKBC does not have a full day's supply of blood to ship to the dozens of hospitals and clinics it serves in central and eastern Kentucky.

"The holiday season has hit us hard, as has the recent bout of icy, cold weather," said Susan Berry-Buckley, Central Kentucky Blood Center CEO. "We simply need more donors. With the blood supply now at a critical low level, we want to avoid asking hospitals to cancel elective surgeries," said Berry-Buckley.

In ideal circumstances, the Blood Center keeps about 3,400 pints of blood in stock. However, by the start of the New Year's holiday weekend, the blood inventory is projected to be 600 pints below that level. Berry-Buckley described the situation as a "slow crisis", worsening hour by hour, with the real possibility of less than half a day's blood supply being available this coming weekend.

All blood types are needed to make sure that hospitals have what they need to cover trauma cases, surgeries or organ transplants in the region, said Berry-Buckley.

CKBC operates four donor centers located in Lexington, Somerset, Pikeville and Prestonsburg. The upcoming days of operation and hours are:
Lexington: 330 Waller Ave. Mon.-Thurs., 9 am-8 pm; Friday, New Year's Eve, 9 am-5 pm; Saturday, New Year's Day, 1 pm-5 pm.
Somerset: 120 S. Hwy 27, Suite 4, Mon., 10 am-5 pm; Tues., Wed., Thurs., 10 am-7 pm; Friday, New Year's Eve, 10 am-5 pm.; closed Saturday.
Pikeville: 685 Hambley Blvd., Suite 1A, Mon.-Thurs., 10 am-6 pm; Friday, New Year's Eve, 10 am-5 pm.; closed Saturday
Prestonsburg: 200 N. Lake Dr., Municipal Bldg., Mon.-Wed., 10 am- 6 pm.

Visit ckbc.org for times, dates and locations of the nearest mobile blood drive. Click "Donate Blood", then "Find a Mobile Blood Drive."

Founded in 1968, Central Kentucky Blood Center is a non-profit community blood center providing blood to 67 hospitals and clinics serving 59 eastern and central Kentucky counties.

I gave recently, at the end of November, so I can't give again yet (and I'm undergoing surgery in two weeks, so it's apparently out on that account, too). So, I'm doing the next best thing...passing it on to others who might be able to help.

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