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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Just in case you wanted a boobie update

Listening to: 'The Dolphin's Cry' by Live
Feeling: Relieved

I had the mammogramme this afternoon, and apparently I:

  1. Have breasts that present a textbook-clear mammogramme, primarily due to the high fat content (which, after all, is how they're supposed to be)
  2. Do not have mastitis after all; we think what the doctor saw as cords of infection were instead the normal fibrous bindings women with large breasts have to keep them relatively perky and attached. This is also borne out in that the pain has moved to the other breast, and mastitis doesn't do that.
  3. I probably have abnormal breast pain as a result of a quirk in my hormones this month. I also had a weird period and a lot of emotionality at an unsual time of my cycle. The doctor suggested that if this continues to consider something like birth control pills or other measure to even out my cycles, but generally for someone with polycystic issues I am regular...so unless it worsens, I'm probably going to go on as usual.
  4. Got a clean bill of breast health and they'll see me when I turn forty (in a little over 2 years).


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