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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

One of the better descriptions online

for Carpal Tunnel.

My hands are both acting up today with a good bit of pain and the feeling of a cramping, burning along the nerves at my thumb. The braces help, although I'm clumsier and I keep accidentally hitting the key to sign off my computer for some reason today, even though the braces themselves aren't normally a problem. I think it's my hand itself--the other day I had sunflower seends go all over the place whilst trying to spoon some onto a salad. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to the prospect of the release surgery.

Last night I came home and found that with the phone bank job and the election, I had neglected to either pay my electric or at least make arrangements to do so. Totally my fault, of course, and unfortunately I can't do anything until Thursday at the latest, although I did talk to them today. The sad thing is the actual electricity part of the bill was less than $15. The rest was the required deposit, which they usually put on in installments but went on in one big gush this time, bringing it to $130, and that's what I have to pay to get it back on (well, that and a reconnect charge).

Sigh. This is what happens about the time I think I'll finally get ahead, but again, it's my fault, I'll deal with it. At least I stayed fairly warm last night and actually managed to clean a bit by candlelight. Somehow it seemed more romantic. :) And Darius came up and cuddled with me on the recliner, actually butting me with his head, which is almost unheard of for the feral cat. He seems better now that I've dosed them all for the fleas and the worms they get from eating them, and I've switched his food to Purina One for sensitive stomachs, to see if that will help with his tummy issues. I'm hoping so. And if a couple of days of darkness are the price for getting the meds and the new food, well, so be it.

Last night I talked to a man who didn't want to give his credit card over the phone (understandably) but was from my hometown and we played a game of twenty questions until not only was I able to convince him I was from there but he was able to remember my mom from high school and had his annual handy and confirmed that she was the person he'd remembered. Ah, what a small world we live in. So, he was able to make a donation, I learned a little about what some of my neighbours had been up to since graduation, we both had an enjoyable conversation, and I got a commission all thanks to my mom's senior picture. It was an enjoyable night, where everyone I talked to seemed much more relaxed than the pre-election calling, and many chatted about how much they like public television. Even those who could not donate were still very committed to it and planned to as soon as possible, and I believe they were sincere. I'm enjoying it. We're off Thursday for Veteran's Day but I'm going in to the job at the other building to call some school librarians for another project. Apparently it's a state holiday but not a school one, I suppose since it's so close to Thanksgiving. Having been raised on Air Force bases, I'm used to having it off, but I guess not everyone is. I'm taking off at the hospital for some other reasons that day, so it'll give me a chance to hopefully reach those people for distance learning.

I'm back to my midnight taxi service, but that's fine. I got a lot of rest whilst my friend was on vacation. Today I'm spending with another friend when I'm not at work, but tomorrow I think I may go to the gym (if nothing else, there's hot showers). I won't be able to do a lot of weightlifting with my hand immediately after surgery, but I'd like to build up some cardio exercises before then, which will help with general stress and recovery from surgery, I'd think.

D is going to be 30 in a few days and I need to start thinking about what I might be able to do for her birthday. Having just three years until I hit the big 4-0, I think I'll be kind, because payback is inevitable. :)

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