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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Ancient secrets revealed

Ancient Roman Skin Cream Gave Women Beautiful Complexion

The ancients were pretty savvy. Roman women also had access to a plant (now thought to be extinct, due to the demand) that provided fairly reliable birth control. It was, of course, very expensive towards the end of its run, but scientists believe that is one reason for relatively small families among prosperous Romans (and hence, part of the reason for their prosperity). I remember an article in Archaeology magazine quite a while ago. I think most of my magazines did not survive the move, but if I can find the exact citation I'll list it here in case you're interested.

As an aside, I've mostly recovered from the circus that was the 2004 general election. I'm glad both sides are talking reconciliation, although I'll believe it when I see it in action. I don't get how anything that close can be considered a 'mandate' for the Republicans, but then, it's just spin, which means it's mostly meaningless.

I went back to work at the phone bank and did pretty well in terms of donations, talking with several very wonderful people (and only a couple not so-wonderful ones), brought in a respectable amount, and then went home and read for a bit before going to bed. This morning I woke up before my alarm, took a long bubble bath, even took the trouble to make up, etc. I'm wearing red, which isn't usual for me, but I can do it so long as it's blue-red rather than orange in foundation. But a little makeup helps, whereas purple usually just does a lot on its own.

I haven't seen it yet, but there's a new programme on PBS called 'Regency House'. Remember '1900 House', where people lived as a family and their servants in a Victorian setting? Apparently there was a Colonial version (missed that, unfortunately), and now they're into the era of Jane Austen. I would like to see it. Must check and see if the public station falters onto my dormant television. I haven't bothered since I moved, since most channels don't come in without cable, and it has a weaker signal than others. But I really do like public television, and since I'm talking about it so much, it's sort of like how I got into comics or toys when working in stores that specialised in that. (I never had the same response with the grocery, at least). :)

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