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Monday, November 08, 2004

Everything one ever wanted to know about Marmite

The Marmite FAQ

The things you learn from public radio...I was listening to 'What Do You Know?' and a British woman living in Illinois waxed poetic for her dear Marmite on toast, which I'd never realised was a spread derived from brewer's yeast (so is the Australian Vegemite, but most Brits think Marmite far superior, apparently).

My first response was, 'ew'. But then, some people probably think the same about Americans' addiction to peanut butter. Marmite's certainly nutritious, with all those B vitamins, though. And, being an admitted Anglophile, I've decided that I should try it at some point. Anyone know where it might be obtained in the central Kentucky area? I'm sure someplace has it.

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