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Monday, November 29, 2004

How it's going


  • Had a great four-day-weekend with lots of rest.
  • Had a good visit with my family. I had just enough gas to get home and Momma sent me back with a full gas tank. Thanks! :)
  • I changed my headlight in the car, asked John to help with the taillight, and picked up the new insurance card from my mom. They're going to go get the registration updated this week. Turns out they never got a bill and when they renewed my mom's truck in August, no one mentioned that they had another registration to take care of. Momma thought it was up-to-date and that they'd just paid extra when they first registered it.
  • I got stopped the day after Thanksgiving 50 yards from where I was headed by another police officer, who wrote a warning, since I handed her the last citation. :) As such, I'm feeling a bit cursed, but hey, it's all workable, and the new registration should be on its way back to me soon.
  • Went to see National Treasure on Saturday. It was very fun. Nice to know that with the exception of stealing the Declaration of Independence, I could have figured out most of the clues, although it would have taken a lot more time. Because it's a movie, it has to ignore things like how intricate archaeology is (I bet there are lots of archaeologists who would love to just go to a spot, dig down a foot, and find a plaque saying, yes, this is the ship you're looking for, and how did they suddenly unearth the ship with no apparent tools....? But it was generally believable with enough details not to get in the way and the mother of all treasures sure to give any historian an orgasm at the end of the run, and it was well worth the ride.) I was, however, the only person geeky enough to exclaim with glee during the trailers when the Earth blew up and it said 'Don't Panic'...apparently not many in the audience had read Hitchhiker's Guide, which is coming out as a movie next year. Or at least, not many others made the geek noise in response. :)
  • Am exploring the Dreamlands in our Cthulhu game.
  • Am getting a little nervous about the surgery but am doing a lot to get ready for it.
  • Was actually seven minutes early for work this morning, the earliest I'm supposed to be able to clock in.
  • Really want chocolate and a diet cola.
  • Am escaping now whilst between jobs. Ciao.

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