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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


feeling: Small bits of trepedation/panic

Just got out of my appointment with the hand surgeon. Surgery on my right wrist has been set for Thursday, December 2nd. That was quick! The EMG (the nerve conduction test) showed that there were changes going on in the muscles and so we need to move on it before it worsens. Welcome to carpal tunnel syndrome. Given the repetitive motions (especially typing and shelving books) and high number of women in our profession, I wonder what percentage of librarians deal with this. The good news is that I shan't be off work more than a day or so barring any complications, that it should relieve the pain, and shouldn't return once room is made for the nerve. We'll be doing it early in the morning (first scheduled) due to my latex allergy. My doctor looks a little bit like Anthony Edwards from 'ER'. I've never had surgery so this will be quite a new (and hopefully not harrowing) experience. Wish me luck!

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