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Friday, January 10, 2003

What time is it everybody? It's Friday Five time!

1. Where are you right now? At my computer, of course. Meaning that I'm sitting at my desk in what's supposed to be a dining room. Well, I guess it is; I normally eat at my computer, and there is a table between the dining and living room.

2. What time is it? 22:28 Eastern Standard Time

3. What are you wearing? Comfy panties. A lavender sweatshirt that's three sizes too big, so it's really comfy--Zabet got it for me for Yule. I also have on a pair of dark purple sweatpants--the first I've worn in my life--that I got at Walgreens, two pair (the other's black) for $6.99. It seemed a plan, because even though I've great heat (and it's included with the apartment), it's supposed to get down into the teens tonight; in other words, nippy.

4. Any people or animals around you? Describe them. Definitely animals. Cerys is stretched out on the floor, carefully eating her food from one side of the bowl to another. (She's a Virgo, after all). She's a black Lab mix; she looks like a 35 lb. puppy even though she's eleven. Spock is trying to steal my Pringles (TM) [and succeeding] and lolling on the keyboard, generally causing havoc. He's a fifteen year old white cat who used to have the Star Trek symbol in grey on his forehead (Get it? Pointed ears+logo=Spock? Unfortunately, unlike his namesake, he's really quite stupid. But he is sweet.) The spot has faded as he's aged. Soon I think it'll be gone altogether. He is also maniacally rubbing against me and nipping my arms and legs. I think there must be some smell to the druggist's because he keeps going over to the bag I'd had everything in and laying on that, too. Buns is sitting on the treadle sewing table behind me, looking rather like a vulture. He wants Cerys' food, even though he has a perfectly full bowl of his own. Darius is rubbing up against Cerys and generally being her cat. The fish are swimming around in the aquarium looking for bits to eat. There are quite a few molly and guppy babies. I haven't noticed any swordtail tykes, but the mums and the catfish are still about in the Java moss.

5. What are your plans for the weekend? Playing with computer innards and (yet again) attempting to survive the latest dastardly plot in Cthulhu. Typical sidekick that I am, I somehow helped the gamemaster come up with his latest nefarious plan by saying something quite innocuous. I shiver at the thought of what will happen this week.

Today went quite well. I had to go in early (8 am!) to work for a meeting, so I got out early. I was actually five minutes early, although my first words were "How can you people function at this time in the morning?" Silly me--I had even left my blinds open to catch the first rays of sunlight only to discover that there aren't any around 7 at this time of year. It was a very productive day. I made many changes (well, sent many to corporate to be made) to the hospital website. Everyone's in a tizzy because our Joint Commission survey is in a couple of weeks. Even though we've always done well, I think there will be a huge collective sigh of relief once February rolls in and the surveyers have moved on to their next victim...um...visit.

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