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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

TV night has been called on account of school...

Which is fine, since it's been so crazy at work, and I doubt I'd be much company today. I wish it were warm. I'd love to lay in the grass and watch clouds--or even better, one of those warm spring days before the mosquitoes hatch. In the summer, I take small breaks outside when I'm feeling boxed in. It's a little harder with snow on the ground. :(

Actually, generally I'm having a good day. I'm downloading something right now, which is why I'm taking a little break from work. And I'm not in the thick of all the drama around me, at least--I'm mostly just watching it go by. But I am slowly coming to the realisation that everybody--all humans--are just a bit crazy. Makes me feel a little better, anyway. :) I'll probably write a little more tonight. Hope things are quiet where you are.

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