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Friday, January 03, 2003

I'm considered part of a "Wild Librarian" trend!

And as part of Library Juice, no less. :) And here I was worried that I give you all too much content, especially day-to-day diary stuff as opposed to traditional, in the news today kind of blogging. Well, I think I give you plenty of context anyway.

I'm not sure just what the point of this site is. Maybe I should have subtitled it "Diary of a Mad Librarian" since it's usually stuff related to being a librarian, dealing with mental health, etc. I guess that's how I envisioned it, at least. But I hope that if you read this regularly, you get a sense that librarians are just regular people, not those stuffy imposing stereotypes. We're interested in helping, and yes, we tend to have somewhat quirky interests--that's usually one of the reasons we wind up in the field, after all. At least I'm not perpetuating that "partying librarian" stereotype the author discusses. What, me, party? Gee, I don't even know how to start. Oh, and definitely read the article, or I'm afraid this post won't make much sense (not enough context!) The Will Manley quote is dead on, but then, Will Manley is sort of the Peter David of the librarian world.

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