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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm off today!

And although I didn't sleep in much (I sat down at my desk at home about the same time I would have at work, but in my jammies), it's still nice to know I have a break. Mind you, I'm still cleaning the house, so that will take up part of my day. But that's okay.

Yesterday, work was fairly busy and I had a couple of interlibrary loans to request, a book order, some stuff for referrals, and a teleconference with other state representatives to the Greater Midwest Region of the National Network or Libraries of Medicine. The last was quite enjoyable, given I missed our annual meeting in Chicago last year due to injury, and there was a new member who was quite bubbly and vocal. I also had a doctor's appointment, then took a friend to mail some items and we went out to Long John Silver's. When I came home, I had all intents and purposes to clean, but laid down for about an hour, without really falling asleep, because weariness kind of overtook me for a bit. But I got up and then tackled the bedroom, taking boxes to be sorted out of the closet, gong through my clothes (putting them in the following categories: those winter ones to be put away for the season, those current ones to be put away (which I did), clothes to go to Goodwill, clothes that are too damaged to do so and just need to be thrown away (I have one sleep shirt that is very comfortable but riddled with holes from being caught in the washer), and clothes to be laundered, which are in a hamper by darks, lights, and hand-washables. I also sorted out bedding to be put away, towels, and resuable bags, of which I have many. There are also a series of wire carts that collapse that are useful but would do better in the walk-in closet, as there is now room in there due to the dead electronics graveyard's cleanout and they can't be damaged should the air conditioner leak (something that's happened twice in the time I've been here--which is why clothes and books do not go in there, just to be safe. I lost some clothes at one point due to this.)
    Today's agenda (which may bleed into tomorrow, if needed, in some cases):
  1. Take out the some things I found last night that are garbage (like the plastic from my bedsprings I was supposed to keep 14 days but wound up being a month and a half).
  2. Bag up the clothes for Goodwill and load them in the car.
  3. Buy a new swimsuit.
  4. Check for a book at Half Price Books.
  5. Go by Kroger and get cleaning supplies and four more bookshelves (I think I can squeeze them in).
  6. Go by the bank and get quarters for laundry.
  7. Fold up all the bedding to be put away.
  8. Collect up the reusable bags.
  9. Take a friend to a doctor's appointment.
  10. Drop both clothes and reusable bags by Goodwill.
  11. Put away bedding and other folded items.
  12. Clean the bathtub.
  13. Put together the bookshelves.
  14. Move literary books from closet to living area.
  15. Move fantasy and mystery books to bed.
  16. Move metal bookshelf to closet so they're both there.
  17. Move fantasy and mystery books to new bookshelves in bedroom.
  18. Use metal bookshelves for any remainder books, Magic cards, collectibles, etc., so they're not on the floor.
  19. Move the comic boxes to that closet [actually, scratch that, I can't pick them up at present. I need someone to help me with that.]
  20. Do laundry.
That's enough, I think. :) It's a full day, but if I can accomplish everything, I'll be very happy (and probably in pain). Okay, I'm finished with breakfast, so I should probably go take a shower and start hopping!

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