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Sunday, April 28, 2013

I hit a wall, after a very productive day

On Saturday I:
  1. Bought three bookshelves and cleaning supplies.
  2. Brought the electronics that I've had in the walk-in closet for so long out to the living room next to the CRTs.
  3. Worked on the living/dining area.
  4. Picked up A and took him to have his hair cut.
  5. Brought him to my house and we loaded the car to the max.
  6. Took the electronics to the proper recycling centre; boy they were efficient in unloading the car! I had to promise that I was a resident of Fayette County, show my ID, and that I wasn't a business The only thing they missed was an old phone. But I've found some small things that need to go that I can take later in the week.
  7. Took A to the pharmacy.
  8. Was treated by A to lunch. We went to Chipotle, which neither of us had been to. It was okay, about like Qdoba but louder, and I didn't see queso on the menu. But the veggie burrito was good, and the hot sauce was hot, but a little thin; I kept getting it on my shirt.
  9. Took A by a store to get a paper.
  10. Took him home.
  11. Rested for about forty-five minutes.
  12. Worked on the living/dining area to the point where it is almost finished. There are just a few things left.
  13. At three, called to say that I would not be finishing my tasks in time (long story, let's just say I was supposed to finish the house by Saturday night, due to some stupid words that had accountability and responsibility attached to them).
  14. Continued to work, turning to the bedroom. Put together two shelves that stack on one another (the other had been set up in the living room). That brings the total to four shelves of that type which I can configure separately or together.
  15. Set the DVR to record 'Doctor Who'.
  16. Put stuff that was in front of the closet on the bed; unloaded books from the closet to the new shelves. Became terribly disillusioned to realise that in truth, I needed another two shelves to get all the books that were on the closet floor onto shelves, and nowhere (except the closet itself) to put them. I'm already breaking rules of using space. The one is impinging on my computer space, and the two in the bedroom are partly in front of a painting.
  17. Felt overwelmed by it all and curled up in a ball in a small space available on the bed for a few minutes.
  18. YKWIA called and we talked for awhile. I won't be playing in the game tomorrow, so I can work on the bedroom. It's going to take more than one day to go through those closets. Fortunately I have a couple of days off next week, so hopefully I can get everything finished (plus the game notes) by next Saturday.
  19. By this point I was in so much pain I could barely move. It's not just my SI joint/back. It was my shoulder, knees, back, feet--you name it. So I basically cleared off the bed and just dumped things into the floor, and then went ahead and took my nightly meds, which include an anti-inflammatory (naproxen), a muscle relaxer, a medicine for nerve pain, and pain medicine (plus Pepcid to counteract stomach issues from most of them). I usually just take a half-tablet of the pain medicine, because it's a type that has made me itch and loopy in the past (I actually have it listed on my allergy list, and they gave it to me anyway). I decided screw that, I'd rather itch than be in pain, so I did take a whole pill. Then I tried to get comfortable and laid down. That was five hours ago. The only part of me that's hurting at all right now is the SI joint. Not too bad. I wouldn't want to rely too heavily on the medication, and I only take it during the night, when I'm not going to be driving, meaning days have been a bit painful, although I've discovered that if I don't overdo it I can supplement the naproxen with a little acetaminophen while at work and that helps tremendously. And the PT is going well. I'm really trying to get things done without overdoing it; I lifted very little of what went in the car today, for example. I did load the shelves (25 lbs each) into the cart at the store and from the cart to trunk, but A brought all three out and into the apartment. He lifted several very heavy things, like CRT monitors and three computer towers plus old vacuum cleaners. I'd been saving stuff for awhile, until I could get to the centre. Thank you, A, for all your help!

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