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Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm kind of tired of cleaning for the day

and I'm hurting all over. I did my normal Sunday chores and then went through four boxes of papers, winnowing out what could be recycled, what should be shredded, and keeping the important ones. I've also gone through all the little bric-à-brac, odd stuff, and random things I had in the living room on the bookshelves that were not books. I should start taking clothes out of drawers and going through them so I can give away the ones I'm not using and have room for the others I do. But I took a break to eat and I'm finding that I'm petering out for the day. I'm glad I didn't start to launder a comforter, as it is now pouring outside and we have a small thunderstorm going on (the laundry room is across the parking lot at my complex). Fortunately I have a couple of days off this week and that should help me finish. But even though it's only 7 pm I think I have to stop, at least for awhile, take some medicine where I'm hurting, and maybe crawl into bed for a bit of a nap.

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