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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Where did the day go?

I worked on weekly house maintenance today,  then got something from the pharmacy.  Then I went over and watched lots of YouTube clips from 'Glee' with YKWIA (no,  I've never actually seen the series,  but we watched lots of their versions of songs today).  I took A to the grocery and then I came home and worked on the CV and on my LinkedIn profile,  and Googled myself to find what is out there on the internet,  and I found an old CV that had been archived that had some additional info on it that I may or may not incorporate,  as it is very old,  like from  the GeoCities days.   I've been listening to the radio since I got home,  and I'm listening to a CD now,  so there's been a great deal of music today.  I just changed my phone font  (I loved the other,  but it only had lower case,  and that was a problem when blogging, etc.) and did some updating.  Now I've taken my meds and I'm ready for bed.  There's no game tomorrow,  so I didn't do the notes tonight and I can go over there later tomorrow than normal.

Yesterday they did a series of x-rays on my neck and back,  so I should know more about what's going on soon. The doctor and ARNP put me on prednisone and I'll continue with ibuprofen and tizanidine as needed,  but thankfully,  I am feeling better.  I didn't actually take any pain reliever today until just now,  and it was two ibuprofen,  not the three I was taking during the day with Pepcid, or the Percocet at night. I like to take the minimum needed-- even when I broke my ankle, I moved to Tylenol after about two weeks.  One,  I don't want to take the chance on getting addicted to the opiates, and even NSAIDS aren't good for you long-term. They're bad on the kidneys,  for one.  Ibuprofen works better than Tylenol for me,  usually.  I only took Tylenol with the ankle because it didn't inhibit bone growth like other pain relievers. Aleve does absolutely nothing for me.

Okay,  I should put the phone down and sleep. My hands are hurting. Good night.

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