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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Last minute stuff

Today work was all about getting ready for my absence by getting as much done on the referrals, OR reconciliation, and charge entry as possible, and filling up the early literacy cart in the clinic so they'd have books. I got what I could done (the charge sheets are taking awhile to get back to me lately), and then went ahead and ran some errands after work, including:
  1. Picking up a medicine at the pharmacy for a friend and for me.
  2. Picking up my new contacts, which were ready, but I hadn't received a call.
  3. Picking up some milk for my friends to have while I'm gone, plus a box of quart bags because I didn't quite trust the one I got in the women's trial pack I'd selected. These have the slide close, anyway.
  4. Fixing food for my friend.
  5. Eating some dinner myself.
  6. Renewing a couple of library books.
I got home with more things to do. I decided to put all my medical supplies together in one bag, not my CPAP bag, which is a little big, but my tiny carry-on bag that came with my rolling carry-on. See, I'd contacted Delta and found I could gate check the latter, so that would save on baggage fees (and I was needing every dollar to make sure I had food in Chicago, which is expensive--oatmeal was $6 at the hotel three years ago!) Anyway, the CPAP is only half of what it usually is because I removed the humidifier, since I'm not taking distilled water with me. It'll be okay; I only use the humidifier during the winter, usually, anyway, although I have been using it lately. So my meds, my CPAP with cord, hoses, and nasal pillows, as well as my glucometer, all fit in that bag. Yay! I also took the now-extra tag I had off the CPAP machine and printed out a medical supplies and equipment tag for that bag, as well as an emergency contact card plus medical emergency one. I rearranged the packing of my rolling bag for clothes, a book, non-liquid supplies like razor, comb, toothbrush, etc., the travel denture cup, and my glasses in their case. My liquids are in a pouch in the rolling bag for easy removal. I am checked into my flight already using the mobile application; I just have to show my boarding pass on my phone at security and the gate, and they can scan it there. I have my Ventra card (for mass transit) in my wallet, and have also opted to bring my passport card as backup. On the other hand, I've left my non-essential cards that I will not be using this trip.

After all that, it was about 8 pm, and I decided the best thing to do would be to go on to bed in the hopes of getting some sleep and getting up with time to spare to work on a few other things. I did so, sleeping lightly and not well, on top of fitful sleep last night, so I have bags under my eyes, but oh, well. I'm up and have some time before I have to leave to get things ready. I've packed the CPAP away; everything but my phone and its charger are now packed. Here's what else I should do before I go:
  1. Put one of my meds that I picked up today in the reminder pill box with the others.
  2. Double-check the finances.
  3. Take out the trash and recyclables.
  4. Unload and load the dishwasher.
  5. Water plants.
  6. Give a libation in prayer for safety.
  7. Straighten the house just a bit, as they're going to be changing my air filters and inspecting it while I'm gone.
  8. Shower and get dressed.
  9. Put a light jacket that's out in the car into the suitcase.
  10. Return a CD to the library that I couldn't renew.
  11. Put a cheque into the ATM at the bank.
  12. Get gas in the car.
If I can get all that done in the next two-and-a-half hours, things will be good. :) Here's hoping for a productive and safe trip. I'm just hoping there won't be any flight delays, since I have connexions to make, and people are causing disruptions on planes here and there in the news. :(

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