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Saturday, November 21, 2015

I'm trying to get back on track

One of the things with the trip and the preparations is that I was very much out of my normal routine, and I did a terrible job of taking my meds. I think I totally forgot to take any oral meds on Tuesday, then again on Thursday, and I didn't take Byetta or either of the insulins while on the trip, even though I had them with me. I also didn't check my blood sugar, so I have no idea how bad it got. I just checked and it was 205, which isn't too bad for me in the morning, to be honest. I have taken everything I am supposed to, plus a little ibuprofen. So hopefully I can get back on track. I didn't eat much substantial food while I was gone either. Thursday I grabbed a danish at the gas station before the flight, then there were the in-flight cookies, some pretzels at the airport, and then finally lunch at the meeting, which was mozzarella, roasted pepper, and arugula sandwiches, some fruit, and salad. Francesca's was substantial--I had a lentil salad and a personal-sized Napoleatano pizza. Friday was oatmeal with fruit and brown sugar from the hotel restaurant, some peanut M&Ms at the airport, and the in-flight cookies on one flight (the one from Chicago to Detroit was only 34 minutes, so they didn't serve drinks or snacks. Fortunately, that was the one I brought a soda onto). When A and I went to the store I got some food. I had some orange juice, banana, and a couple of Morningstar Farms' breakfast sandwiches with soy sausage, egg, and cheese on a flat roll. Later, when I went home, I had some orange juice and raisin bran with milk. So all in all, my eating sucked, too, being mostly carbs, for those two days, but they were spread out so that I think I did pretty well in terms of the fact that I didn't actually eat much. Today's breakfast consists of the other two breakfast sandwiches, some orange juice, and a banana. I'll take bread, peanut butter, and spreadable fruit over with me to my friends' today.

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