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Saturday, November 07, 2015

*Fingers crossed*

I've been working on my curriculum vitae in earnest the last few days, as I have a position I'm going to apply for that, while in a hospital, is administered by a university and therefore requires a CV rather than a résumé, which is nice, as I can actually put relevant things on it that I couldn't do on the shorter document, like my professional activities and publications. Now I just have to do the cover letter/letter of interest, which is the hardest for me. Please think good thoughts for me--my position is being eliminated when the hospital moves to its new medical centre model in 2017, and this is not only a librarian position, it's a solo hospital librarian position, but for a larger organisation, and it's here in Lexington. I am positively giddy at the opportunity! And it's full-time as a librarian, so I wouldn't be doing two-three positions to be full time in various parts of the hospital like I do now. I can actually concentrate on serving patrons all through the workweek! Anyone great at critiquing who would like to look it over before I send it to them? Check out the link on the sidebar to my CV. Thanks!

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