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Saturday, May 30, 2009

A tragedy of errors

cost Lisa Strong all four limbs, the result of a kidney stone that led to septic infection and gangrene, due to miscommunication and misunderstanding of her condition by the doctors who were supposed to care for her. She sued them, and the jury refused to award her the case despite overwhelming evidence. Since it was such a complicated case, they seemed to have difficulty determining blame. Because the evidence was so compelling, the judge threw out the jury's decision and ordered a new trial, something the defendants have appealed.

Amputee gets second chance to sue doctors: Florida judge orders new trial after jury rules against Florida woman

I had no idea that a kidney stone could lead to septic shock. One doctor who never saw her diagnosed her with a gall bladder condition, leading to useless surgery when she was already very, very sick. She had come to the hospital in pain and with a 106 degree fever. She's lucky to even be alive. But her marriage has fallen apart and she's now on disability, things that could have been avoided if the doctors had done a better job. Plus, on top of everything else, she has over $800,000 in medical bills. That's insult to injury. I hope justice prevails on this one.

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