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Friday, May 08, 2009

This is rather nice and relaxing

At http://www.soundsleeping.com/ they have a mixer that allows you to put together a variety of sounds to help you sleep. Music includes drums or flute. Sounds include a creek, birdsong, rain, thunder, crickets, a bonfire, gulls, the ocean, or wind chimes. You can mix and match, with one space reserved for music and four other channels for sounds.

On that note, even though I should blog more, I'm heading to bed. I've had a root canal today, cut myself shaving, and generally had a rough couple of days--although it seems to be improving. I sleep with a fan, incidentally, and a colour-changing lamp with bubbles and light-weight marbles. But for napping in the comfy chair my screen savers or the Sound Sleeping website work well (since my computer is in the living room). Of course, there I can also hear the aquarium, with its natural cascade of water. I counted again and it looks like I have 20 baby fire platies; there are about five that are still quite tiny and pale, so they blend in. As far as I can tell, I didn't whisk any up during the great water change I did at 2 am the other night. I do need to get the vacuum I saw at Meijer that was battery-powered, though. There's nothing like using your mouth to suction aquarium water (especially when you have a broken filling and who knows what kind of shape that was in before the root canal).

Okay, enough. Good night. I'll try to post more tomorrow; I'm just really tired.

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