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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Productive morning

I went to bed at 3 am but woke up inexplicably at 6 or a little before. So far I have:

  1. Ordered some items for a friend from Amazon.com that were promised a long time ago, plus the Dr Horrible soundtrack for me.
  2. Paid my electric bill (I paid my cable bill yesterday, so I'm caught up with both.)
  3. Paid my phone bill.
  4. Went to the station and got gas. I met the interim manager (well, I've actually met him before; he's been in a couple of times). The district manager was really happy we passed our quality assurance test yesterday with a 100%. I still don't know how things will go, but I'm willing to give it a try.
  5. Went to the pharmacy to pick up some items, but forgot to get three prescriptions refilled.
  6. Went by McDonald's to get breakfast. (Mmmm...egg and cheese biscuits!)
  7. Scanned through Google Reader and blogged a bit.

My alarm to wake up just went off. I've been up a little over 2 hours and have another 2 before I have to be at work. I think I may nap just a bit and then get up and get ready. I work another 12-hour day, so I should try to get some sleep, don't you think?

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