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Saturday, May 02, 2009

The day I wouldn't want to be the guard at the security desk

I had heard about the impromptu rave at UNC-Davis but this somehow slipped under my radar despite happening in my city at my alma mater in the main campus library on April 29th, as students were preparing for finals. I've seen numbers around 1,500 or so--certainly hundreds--who found out via word of mouth and texting what was going to happen and came to be a part of it. Police arrived and it looks like the crowd dissipated fairly well, although someone pulled the fire alarm.

Crazy kids, right? Gods, I feel old. [But I have to admit, it sounded kind of fun, although I can't imagine actually joining that mob--certainly in a library.] I hope no damage was done to anything or anybody.

Thanks to YKWIA for telling me about it and Bibliofuture at LISNews for the video link.

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