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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I've spent some of my time pointing out to people that no, librarians *don't* spend all day reading

...but some do. Check this out:

Booklist is a magazine that reviews books and other media, a selection tool that librarians do read, or at least those in the public library world do. [As a medical librarian, I rely more on reviews in the Journal of the Medical Library Association, Doody's (well, sort of--I have been a selector three years running for the area of orthopaedics but I actually don't have access to the core titles myself...but word of mouth is a wonderful thing), and even extrapolation from the old standard of the Brandon-Hill Lists. Oh, and the pediatric library list circulates a core list as well, and MEDLIB-L sometimes has recommendations. So we have alternatives. But we don't have a video. :)]

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