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Thursday, May 21, 2009

History belongs to everyone, but cultures shouldn't be looted by others

So it was nice to hear that Greece is displaying repatriated artefacts, returned from several countries and museums. They're still butting heads with the British Museum over the Elgin Marbles, but that's rather to be expected--they're a lot bigger than a few coins or a vase.

Who knows what kind of thing is going on in Iraq these days, with its rich Sumerian and Babylonian history? With lawlessness comes looting of antiquities, and with war comes their destruction.

Anyway, I'm glad Greece got back some of their cultural items.

Greece displays repatriated antiquities

Italy is also getting some of theirs back--lost Byzantine frescoes that had been ripped from a church 27 years ago and wound up in a private collection in Greece.

Italy recovers lost Byzantine frescos from Greece

Thanks to Melissa Snell's mediaeval history blog for the links.

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