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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My mother scared the daylights out of me yesterday

I'd gone out briefly and taken the chain off my door, because my mom comes over on Sunday mornings to crash at my place before heading home in an hour-long drive. She works 16-hour shifts over the weekend, so she's usually pretty tired. Normally I'm up and gone before she comes over, but yesterday I'd been up to take a friend home from work at 7 am and didn't have to be anywhere until 9, so I'd gone back to sleep. At 8:10 my second alarm went off and I'd just put it on snooze when I heard, 'Lisa' at the door to my bedroom. I never heard the front door open, and I nearly jumped out of bed.

We talked for a little while (I was a little late for that 9 o'clock deadline) and it was good to hear from her. I'm getting a mattress for Christmas, which is great and benefits us both. My current mattress, which is 20 years old, has bedsprings peeking through it in places. :) So here's to no more little scratches on my body. Yay!

PS I found the camera I'd been looking for (don't know if I mentioned it, but I wanted to take some pictures and was looking for it like crazy. It turned out to be on my kitchen table under some hotel lotions someone had given me. I'd looked in the same spot a dozen times and missed it because it's in a black case, I guess. Anyway, you might actually get some pictures on here as a result.

Also, I'm having great luck with clocks. I think I mentioned that I received a large, square, mantle-style clock for my 10th anniversary at the hospital. It sets its time by longwave radio and it couldn't pick up the signal in the hospital, so now it's in my living room working fine. Well, my family clock, a pendulum clock from Japan with a horse on top that we always had when I was growing up, is on my dining room wall and I was having trouble getting it to continue running. I got out my level for the umpteenth time (my mom and I had talked about it) and it's working now. I've put pencil marks underneath so I can be sure and keep it in position should I knock into it, etc. That leaves the large old-fashioned alarm clock and my mother's small travel clock in my bedroom, the computer clock, the stove, the microwave (rarely set), and the phone. So, I think I'm good on being able to tell time at the house.

I guess that's all for now. I was in a really great mood today because I actually got to be early last night. I'm up later tonight but had some down time this evening.

Oh, and I HAVE THE BOOT OFF!!!! Yay! I'll probably wear it at the store for another week or so, but the doctor said I could transition off of it now. Yipee!!! My foot feels much better, just twinges a bit. I need to ask Dr Rooney when I can go to the gym and start a walking routine. I figure if I'm paying for it, I might as well use it, right?

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