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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

So, on my way home and back I listened to Christmas music

because there isn't much else to listen to on the radio and my tape player doesn't work in the car, so tapes and CDs are out.

My votes for:

Sappiest (but it still makes me cry, because I'm a sucker for this stuff)

'The Christmas Shoes' by Newsong, from the CBS movie of the same name:

In the 'WTF?' category, there's this. (Sting sings it beautifully, but last I checked, Bethelem was landlocked and they can't sail into it. I can suspend a lot of disbelief, but...)

'I Saw Three Ships'

Funny, Sting does one of my favourite modern Christmas songs (well, okay, it's really an Annunciation song), 'Gabriel's Message'

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