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Monday, December 17, 2007


It's bad enough that the door panel on the inside of my driver side front door of my car has come off and is only hanging by the window controls, so that I have to reach in and adjust it any time I get into the car. Tonight I couldn't get the door to shut because the hinge was frozen. I had that trouble a couple of times last year. Usually I can run the car for a little while and it thaws. No such luck. So I buckled myself in, held the door closed by the top, and drove home (with the dome light on, of course). At one point I had a cop behind me and I was afraid I'd be pulled over for the dome light. I got home safely, and after a few tries, the door finally shut enough that the dome light went out, although I think it's still not quite shut. I hope it doesn't do this tomorrow.

On the good side, one of my co-workers has said he'd put the panel on if I buy the clips. He fixed my tail ligth the other night. It's funny, he's 25 years old and his hobbies are fixing cars, especially Chevettes (which haven't been made since 1987) and playing with an old Commodore 64 computer. He so missed his decade. Since I came of age during that decade, and I even had a Chevette (I had an Atari 800XL computer rather than a Commodore), we have several topics we can talk about, although I start glazing after about 10 minutes of car speak.

On the down side, we played the game today and my character who betrayed a creature who was an ally, half human and half daemonspawn, has now had a second family member killed (her father). The creatures plan to wipe out her entire family in retaliation, but they're doing it in sneaky ways that make it look like accidents or natural causes. Meanwhile on the ship to Antarctica a saboteur has destroyed about a quarter of the food and poisoned the sled dogs with strychnine. So, it's been a particularly disheartening game today.

Speaking of Antarctica--here's a beautiful video of time-lapse photography spanning a year in Antarctica.

Well, I guess that's all--I have to go to bed so that I can get some actual sleep (this is earlier than most of the week has been).

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