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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Weirdos abound

Today was a little weird. We had two drive-offs, I really pissed a couple off by carding the male and refusing to sell a cigar to the female who came in to buy it for him. She was pregnant and hormonal--or so she said--and really went off on me. I stood my ground and pointed out it was the law and they left. One of the guys quit because we haven't got our paycheques yet. They usually come on Wednesday but haven't yet, but in actuality our payday is Monday so they technically have then to pay us; I'm sure he was made aware of this, although he seems to have forgotten. Apparently they wrote a rubber cheque for the rent that isn't going to make it without his pay on time. That is his responsibility, not the company's. Oh, well. He came in at one point badmouthing the manager and generally making a fuss, saying that another person wasn't coming in (and then the person did, proving him wrong). We also had panhandlers in the parking lot who tried to get a cup of ice, then changed it to a small 50 cent beer, then tried to drink the beer on the premises, for which they were told to leave (we don't have a licence to serve). I really wish one of the police had been in at that point to get him for an open contaner. I'm just glad the day is over. After work I've tried fixing a printer and I'm stumped on what to try next. Sometimes it doesn't pay to be a non-professional techie--you know just enough to be asked to do things but not necessarily enough to do them. The print test page works fine, and it even prints part of the document (sometimes) but otherwise hangs up in the middle of the print job. It's a Lexmark X125 connected to a Windows XP machine by a USB port. The drivers for both the printer and the USB are the most recent. I'm about at my wits' end.

PS I heard a radio ad where they were going on about being able to play video games on the TV to get a truly wonderful experience. Maybe I'm showing my age, but I rememeber when the only way to play a video game WAS on the TV. It's not that special of a thing...really, although new games are way better than Pong

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